• Looking Beyond Traditional Investments

    Achieving Outsized Returns


    We are a diversified investment company seeking to explore every asset class to achieve maximum return


    Mission: Use arbitrage to bolster long-term holdings

    New York, New York


    Percipient Capital is heavily invested in cryptocurrencies. It uses complex arbitrage strategies ranging from cross-exchange trades to triangle arbitrage to earn risk-free income on a daily basis. The profits from these trades fuel Percipient's long-term holdings in over 30 different coins.


    Fine Watches

    Mission: Buy rare watches at wholesale prices and sell at retail

    New York, New York


    Percipient Capital has never been a stranger to alternative investments. While most people may think watches are a waste of money and merely used for flash value, Percipient has developed a strategy that allows it to acquire watches at wholesale prices which ultimately allows it to profit after using them for several months when it flips them at retail prices. See our inventory at Hype Horology.

    Social Media

    Mission: Connect social media influencers with brands using machine learning algorithms

    New York, New York


    Percipient Capital is invested in a cutting-edge startup, Smartfluence, which uses propriety machine learning algorithms to connect social media influencers with brands. By taking into account numerous datapoints revolving around brand identity, audience, and values, we are able to optimally recommend and price influencers for brands of all sizes.


    Fine Art

    Mission: Explore arbitrage opportunities in the art world
    New Delhi, India

    Percipient Capital casts aside the notion that works of art are merely ornamental in value and instead seeks to generate returns from strategic acquisitions. In addition to capitalizing on rising prices, Percipient exploits mispricings of Indian artwork in foreign countries to invest in pieces at the best possible prices. 

    ForEx Markets

    Mission: Utilize leverage to profit from macroeconomic shifts
    Chicago, Illinois

    Percipient Capital uses knowledge of global macroeconomic policies and conditions to target specific currency pairs that are ripe for trading. In combination with aggressive leverage and technical analysis, Percipient positions itself to benefit from both successful reforms and catastrophic disasters.

    Public Equities

    Mission: Construct an alpha generating portfolio of international public equities
    Princeton, New Jersey

    Percipient Capital uses a blend of technical indicators along with fundamental analysis to determine trends in individual securities. We have constructed a robust portfolio across sectors including: financials, energy, retail, technology, and hospitality. 

    Sid Kumar

    President and CEO

    Sid graduated with a degree in Economics from The University of Chicago. He spends his time between his investment vehicle, Percipient Capital, and Prometheus Holdings, an emerging market private equity group. Sid brings with him 12 years of investing experience across sectors and instruments.


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